Test de nivel de inglés para colegios (+11 años)


Winter Language School te ofrece la posibilidad de realizar este test nivel para alumnos a partir de los 11 años, si eres adulto deberás realizar el test de nivel para ingles general.

Este test consta de un total de 25 preguntas de respuesta múltiple. Cada pregunta tiene una única respuesta correcta.

- No hay límite de tiempo
- El test es progresivo (cada vez es más difícil) si no sabes la respuesta no la respondas.
- Después de completar el test escrito podrás reservar tu plaza vía mail por teléfono o presencialmente
- En la escuela realizaras una prueba oral también gratuita

1. Could you tell me your first name, please?
2. These flowers look dead.
3. I hope it isn´t too hot today.
4. Are you going to come downstairs soon?
5. Who gave you this book, James?
6. Shall we go out for a curry tonight?
7. Is it okay if I come too?
8. The phone´s ringing.
9. How much flour do I need for these biscuits?
10. How long are you staying for?
11. Has everyone had enough to eat?
12. That's my jacket over there.
13. Let's go by train.
14. Do you know my sister Matilda?
15. Would you like some sugar in your tea?
16. I hope I haven't ...... you any trouble by changing the plans.
17. The ground´s wet: don't run or you might ...... !
18. When you come to the restaurant, ...... your camera with you.
19. Rita arrived....... as the lesson was beginning.
20. I would ...... to go to the cinema than stay at home.
21. Is there ...... of soup for everyone?
22. Sara says she's happy in the new job but she's ...... complaining.
23. ...... the step when you leave the room.
24. ...... stay the night if you don´t feel like walking home.
25. No ...... Ruth is happy when you think how many races she has won recently.

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